FRAG is Good for Florida’s Future
By: Ashley Connell and Travis Williams

Summary of Article
Florida’s Legislature is thinking about cutting higher education this spring, meaning that they are trying to cut the Florida Resident Access Grant (FRAG) and JU is one of many private and nonprofit institutions trying to stop this from happening. The Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida (ICUF) are lobbying hard to access these grants that are granted. An average of $2,511.00 is awarded every year to Florida’s residents if they attend a college institution in Florida. There is a rumor floating around that anywhere from five to thirty percent of the FRAG scholarship is going to be cut. Based on this year’s award there can be a decrease up to $750.00 from every student who once received this award. FRAG is a publicly funded award that helps public institutions remains afloat. FRAG represents only 1.3 percent of the state’s higher education budget. Of the students that qualify for this award about only one-fourth are actually enrolled in this annual grant. Last year, ICUF’s 28 member schools awarded 17,532 undergraduate degrees, of those students twenty-six percent of all awarded in the state. Forty-three percent of ICUF students are minorities, a higher percentage than in public institutions. FRAG is one of the determinants from whether a Florida resident goes to an out of state school or not. “Keep the FRAG where it is. It’s good for Florida’s future”.


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Analysis of Article
The Florida Legislation has a big decision on their hands that could potentially hurt thousands of college students. In the result of economic recession, Florida legislatures have to make a decision of whether or not they are going to cut the FRAG scholarship by up to 30 percent from each student that receives it. As college tuition continues to grow, it is making it harder and harder for students to find money to help pay for their education. I believe that this should be the last place that should receive a cut in money; there have already been enough cuts in education these past few years.

Critical Questions &Answers
1. Besides education, in what areas could Florida’s Legislation possibly make cuts in? Besides education, Florida’s Legislation could possibly start making cuts in the salary of themselves and other government jobs. Also, instead of waiting until the economy gets worse, there should be cuts in programs such as Medicare.

2. Will the cut in this Florida grant, cause a decrease in the number of students who go to college? I don’t think that the cut in this grant will cause a decrease in the number of students who go to college; it will possibly cause more students to go to schools out of state at which they received scholarships or cause some students to transfer.

3. Looking at where the economy is today, Do you think there will be even more cuts in FRAGs’ future? To be honest if the economy continues to go as is, there will definitely be cuts in this Florida grant. It is even possible that it could be completely cut off from all students who receive it.